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    The General Elongation Requirements In Aluminum Profile Stretching

    Apr 02, 2020


    1. The calculation of elongation

      T (sheet thickness) = r (outside) - r (inside)

      ð (elongation rate) = t / r (inside) ×100%


      The national production standard for Aluminum profile6063T5is ð (elongation rate) ≥ 8 %


    2. The general elongation rate requirements in Aluminum profile stretching


    1. Aluminum profile(6063, T5):  When the bending ð (elongation rate) ≤ 10 %, the aluminum profile for general purpose is available.


    B. Aluminum profile(6063, T5):   When the bending ð (elongation rate) ≥ 10 %, if the profile sheet thickness is relatively big, cavity is enclosed, geometry is comparatively simple, force in bending direction is symmetrical, width-height ratio is less than 1, generally the elongation rate in bending can reach the range of 10% to 16%.

    C. If the profile bending is beyond the above condition, we should consider the other aluminum profile hardness, for example T0 ~ T4. Generally speaking, under the T0 condition Aluminum profile (6063) elongation rate can reach 20% ~ 28% .


    D. In a word, the requirement in profile bending elongation should be based on the specific design and material selection ( geometry, sheet thickness, cavity enclosed rate, force symmetry in bending direction, tensile strength, and so on ) .


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